Sietsma installs new lawn areas from sod or seed. A sod lawn is an “instant” lawn. Rolls of grass are brought to the site and laid out over the area. You will have a lush, green lawn from the day of installation.

Sietsma also uses a technique, called hydroseed. Hydroseed is a combination of grass seed, water, fertilizer and growth stimulating mulch. All materials are organic. The mixture is sprayed over the area and will harden to form a green “mat”. The “mat” holds the seed in place until it germinates, which allows for hydroseed to be sprayed over areas where conventional methods will not work, such as slopes and erosion areas. Hydroseeding also allows for customized seed mixes to be used for specific environments. Grass will begin to germinate within the first few days of the application in optimum weather conditions and with proper irrigation.

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